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Welcome to Peak Performance Sports Massage and Fitness.  Peak Performance is a massage therapy and fitness business located in Dillon Colorado.  It is owned by Sandra Padjen M.S., L.M.T.   The business is focused on helping you maintain a healthy, active lifestyle.  Sandy offfers sport and therapeutic massage, yoga classes, and fitness programs to keep you performing at your peak. Call for an appointment today to increase your strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular fitness!

Massage Sessions

All sessions are individually designed to meet your needs and help in the prevention and treatment of overuse injuries.  In addition, sessions incorporate deep tissue, trigger point, and myofascial stretching techniques when appropriate.  This will help to improve your flexibility and return your muscles to functioning at an optimal level again so you can return to activities sooner. 

  • Got sore muscles?  
  • Tight knotted areas?  
  • Had a long tiring day on the slopes?

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Get relief for your aching muscles and Stretch your Limits!

Yoga Classes 

Sandy offers yoga classes at your location.   These classes incorporate a series of core stretches in a sequence that has been found to be effective for increasing overall flexibility. I Sandy also assess your individual structural alignment and offers suggestions for correcting muscle imbalances and flexibility issues to help you move more efficiently.  She calls it R.O.M. Yoga which stands for Range of Motion.  Sign up for classes now.

Increase your Range of Motion!

Fitness Programs

Sandy will create a personalized plan to help you prepare and excel in your next endurance event.  She offers individualized attention to help you reach your goals.  Call to schedule a session and start building your core strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular fitness today! Whether your goal is cycling over a mountain pass, preparing for a marathon, skiing the back bowls safely, or hiking on a forest trail, she's there to help you stretch your limits and:  

Reach Your Peak Performance!

Call today!   Relax!  Rejuvenate!  Get ready to go again!

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