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Peak Performance Sports Massage and Fitness offers a variety of Yoga classes at your location.

My focus is on improving flexibility.  These classes include a series of core stretches in a sequence which has been found to be effective for improving overall flexibility. The classes are a vinyasa style of yoga.  In addition, I assess your structural alignment and provide suggestions to correct muscle imbalances and flexibility issues.  I like to call it R.O.M. Yoga which stands for Range of Motion.

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The yoga classes we currently offer include: 

Yoga 1 (R.O.M. Vinyasa 1)

A R.O.M. vinyasa yoga class that is designed to improve overall flexibility and is appropriate for beginners and up.

Supreme Stretch

A R.O.M. vinyasa yoga class that incorporates additional active stretching with the use of a strap for assistance as needed. Straps are provided.

More Core (Pilates and Yoga)

A mixture of our R.O.M. vinyasa yoga with pilates for added work on core strength.

Candlelight Yoga

This is a slow R.O.M. vinyasa yoga class done to candlelight in the evening. It's a great way to unwind after a long day! Join us for a relaxing experience!


Make sure to have a yoga mat, water bottle, and a hand towel for class!


We offer yoga at your sight in Summit County, CO.  We offer individual and group classes. Our Certified Yoga Teacher will design classes to meet your needs. The classes are generally vinyasa yoga with additional mat pilates exercises for increased core strength. They may also include active isolated stretching techniques.

Exercise in the comfort of your home.

Get individual attention at each session.

Progress at your own pace.

Stretch Your Limits

Reach Your Peak Performance

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